Best of The Blogosphere: 20 Different Types Of Content For Your Blog

Best of The Blogosphere: 20 Different Types Of Content For Your Blog

Best of The Blogosphere: 20 Different Types Of Content For Your Blog - There will always be times when you don't know what to write about

Best of The Blogosphere: 20 Different Types Of Content For Your Blog – There will always be times when you don’t know what to write about throughout your blogging adventure.

It might be difficult to get out of a rut, whether you have writer’s block or are simply out of ideas. This article will provide some of interesting content ideas.

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Instead of writing the same old blog article, use some creative thinking to turn the commonplace on its head. You can publish the following 20 types of content to help create easy example of blog writing that becomes best of the blogosphere.

Best of The Blogosphere: 20 Different Types Of Content For Your Blog

1. Listings/Listicles

Everyone enjoys making a list and this becomes one of the easiest types of content. They’re simple to scan, contain digestible information, and are quite popular for social media sharing.

Lists can be made on practically any topic and becomes a best of the blogosphere. It may be a list of your favorite books or a list of your favorite bloggers to follow. This is one of interesting content ideas.

2. Written tutorials and instructions (how to’s)

Tutorials and how-to guides are excellent ways to engage and educate your readers in a single blog post. They’re also simple to work on because you’re already familiar with the subject.

When creating how-to guides, try to break things down into little practical stages. This helps readers follow your directions more easily. Including step-by-step screenshots helps even more, particularly for visual learners and this is what to write about.

Marketing bloggers could create how-to guides for various social media sites. Beauty bloggers can show their followers how to apply makeup. It all depends on your intended readership and what they want to read. provides an example: How to Compose a Song: Songwriting Basics, this page is divided into the five key sections of song development, using visuals and examples to help novices comprehend. This helps create an easy example of blog writing and best of the blogosphere.

3. Video demonstrations

If writing comprehensive guidance on a subject seems too intimidating, you can always make a video tutorial instead.

Video is extremely popular and becomes best of the blogosphere and creative types of content, often even more so than the written word, so including it into your blog makes a lot of sense.

You have the following video tutorial options:

  • Making videos of oneself discussing stuff
  • Making a screencast of yourself going through the tutorial instructions
  • Making a screencast with a voice-over detailing the steps as you go.

When you publish your instructional to your blog, you have the option of hosting the video directly on your website by uploading it. Alternatively, you could upload it to a video hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo and embed it in a blog post on your website. This is one of unique content ideas.

4. Checklists

A checklist is one of the most basic pieces of material you may create and this becomes one of the easiest types of content. We’ve all made a check-list or to-do list before, and they work because they’re brief, easy to remember, and allow you to cross stuff off as you finish them.

This is the same as translating it into a blog post. Simply add your checklist along with some accompanying documentation. This helps create an easy example of blog writing.

Gardening bloggers could create a checklist for spring planting or winterizing your garden. Interior designers, on the other hand, can build a spring cleaning checklist and this is what to write about.

5. Industry updates

What do you do first thing in the morning? You’ll probably get a cup of tea or coffee and read the latest news. This is something you might incorporate into your everyday blogging activity as well.

Why not examine numerous news sources for the most recent developments in your blogging topic or industry? Put some of the best elements together in a blog post and add your own evaluation and commentary. This is what to write about.

A regular item like this has the potential to become something your readers return to read on a regular basis.

6. Infographics

Infographics do not have to be those lengthy, professionally created visuals that you see all over Pinterest. An infographic can be any size or shape, and it can contain any type of information and become one of the most creative types of content.

Making infographics for your site is a great way to deliver useful information while also encouraging readers to share something aesthetically engaging. They may be graphs, statistics, step-by-step directions, or simply entertaining information and becomes best of the blogosphere.

The better these infographics are, the greater their quality. With their pre-built templates and free icons, tools like Canva and Venngage make it especially simple to create your own images. This is one of interesting content ideas.

7. Current affairs

Writing about current events is even easier than writing about industry news. The main advantage of blogging about current events is that people are already looking for additional information about them as they happen, making your blog post a good reading option. This helps create an easy example of blog writing.

Consider topics that interest you and stories that stick out to you. Perhaps they are contentious or particularly interesting.

Cover it in your own unique way to pique your readers’ curiosity. Find a topic that already has a connection to your niche and this is what to write about.

8. Case studies

Case studies are a great approach to establish social proof, and they’re also simple to write. People love success stories, therefore publishing a case study on someone who has used your product/service or advise with amazing success will help your blog a lot.

Call your target demographic, and if you sell a product, contact your client and begin a dialogue about how they’ve utilized your product and how it has impacted their lives or business. Then include them in a case study that you post on your blog. This is best of the blogosphere.

Here’s an example of a Thrive Themes case study in which a small email list of less than 1,000 subscribers generated $100,000+ in sales. This is one of unique content ideas.

9. Inspiring stories

Why not break away from the same old content and spread some joy? Write about a new milestone accomplished by your blog. This becomes one of interesting types of content.

Alternatively, provide an inspiring tale about how you got started in your field. What happened to get you to where you are now?

People enjoy inspirational stories because they desire to emulate that achievement. This is why stories of hope and inspiration perform so well on social media. This helps create an easy example of blog writing.

We’re all searching for something greater in our life, and your success story will inspire your readers to do the same. This is what to write about.

10. Interviews

Interviews are a great method to pique your readers’ curiosity. Others are always interested in hearing what people they admire have to say.

Publish an interview with a prominent figure in your blog’s niche or area of interest. This helps create an easy example of blog writing.

During the interview, you can discuss major industry events, acquire professional advice, and even get business insights.

The idea is to keep your interview topic focused on what your audience is interested in. This is one of useful content ideas.

11. Blogs with video (vlogs)

Call them video blogs or Vlogs, but with the growth in popularity of blogging on YouTube, video blogs are the new in-thing. Updating your blog in video format might have numerous advantages for your website.

  • Videos are getting shorter.
  • You make a personal and visual connection with your audience.
  • They’re popular exchanging material.
  • Many social networks prefer video to written material.

Even better, putting your YouTube vlogs on your website expands the number of venues where people can access your material. Test out the trend and see if it works for you. This type becomes best of the blogosphere and interesting content ideas.

12. Amusing posts

I read an article a few days ago about 15 reasons to stop blogging.

You could believe it offered the benefits of avoiding the blogging industry, but it actually contained 15 reasons to leave blogging written in negatives that highlighted all the wonderful things blogging can do for your life.

A hilarious blog article like this doesn’t always have to be relevant to your blog topic – it’s just for fun, a way to make your readers laugh while they drink their morning coffee. This is what to write about.

Your post could be sarcastic or ironic. Consider including humorous GIFs for added impact. The idea is to shake things up by putting a humorous slant on things, which might be an instant smash.

13. Product evaluations

As a freelance writer, I’m no stranger to product reviews – I’ve written more than I can count – and can affirm that they complement your other blog postings really well. This becomes one of unique types of content.

Before making an online purchase, most people read product reviews to ensure they’re getting a decent bargain and that the item meets their expectations.

So evaluating a product related to your area of interest can be effective for an audience that is already interested in it. This is one of beneficial content ideas.

14. Comparison posts

Comparison posts, like reviews, are all about comparing one thing to another. After you’ve left a review, you can add an alternative product.

Spend time comparing the two and noting their advantages and disadvantages. Then, summarize everything in a blog post that explains the contrasts and similarities.

Unlike reviews, which need you to be extremely explicit about the details, comparisons allow for additional thoughts and opinions.

Another example can be found on Tone Island, where they compare tube amps and digital modellers. This helps create an easy example of blog writing.

15. MP3 podcasts

The podcasting industry is growing these days, with new podcasts appearing everywhere. And there are plenty of facts to back potential future expansion.

Podcasting, as an alternative to being on screen, can grow into entire web shows that gain popularity over time. This becomes one of useful types of content.

One of the simplest methods to get started is to upload your podcast’s MP3 and publish it on your blog along with a written transcription. As your audio presence grows, you can broadcast your podcast on services such as iTunes and Stitcher.

If you use WordPress, I recommend looking into these podcasting plugins. This type becomes best of the blogosphere.

Cross-posting on other platforms increases the number of venues where people can subscribe and tune in. This is what to write about.

16. Resources

Sometimes we just want to know the quickest and most efficient way to do something. A resource post is an excellent way to achieve this for your audience.

You can create resource posts on a variety of topics in the form of:

  • Books
  • Videos
  • Toolsets
  • Websites
  • Influencers in society

And there are many more. The important thing to remember here is not to simply submit a bunch of links. This helps create an easy example of blog writing.

Spend some time explaining why you should read this book, visit that website, or utilize that tool. Have you used it before? How did you find the situation? Explain why you think it’s a good idea. This is what to write about.

17. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs work effectively as blog posts because the subject is likely to be something your visitors are looking for answers to. This is one of easy content ideas.

This type of post can be written as a big list of questions and answers, which makes for wonderful sharing material, but I recommend breaking it up into a blog series. This distributes the content across time, giving you more mileage from it.

More importantly, this type of material is frequently evergreen, which means that the information will be useful to individuals for a long time in the future and becomes best of the blogosphere. This becomes one of the easiest types of content.

18. Issues and solutions

Consider any recent news you’ve heard. It was probably not good news, or it was about something completely wrong. This is because conflicts sell better. People are drawn to issues because they provide a sense of excitement.

You may easily apply this notion in a blog article by emphasizing difficulties in your field of interest while also proposing solutions. This is what to write about.

In this article, here’s an example of how we merged a problem/solution into a tutorial on evaluating guest bloggers: The Two Methods I Use to Screen Guest Bloggers (And Stop Wasting Time).

19. Behind the scenes

Your blog readership wants to get to know you as well as consume quality stuff on your site. What better way to do this than with a behind-the-scenes blog post?

Making a personal connection with your audience is an excellent method to keep them interested. Why not show them what a typical day in your life looks like behind the scenes?

You may include a photo gallery of your workplace setting, followed by some of the processes you employ to manage your blog. Create a behind-the-scenes video that shows how you work. This is one of unique content ideas.

20. Quizzes

We’re all guilty of occasionally taking a ridiculous online quiz. Posting a quiz on your blog might be a great way to engage your audience. It not only gives them a fun, participatory game, but it can also help you understand more about your readers and become one of the easiest types of content.

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If you have a WordPress blog, you may even use quiz plugins to make the process of creating a quiz much easier. This is what to write about.

The Thrive Quiz Builder plugin, for example, not only allows you to design a professional-looking quiz, but it also includes features to urge visitors to subscribe to your email list and share it with others on social media. This helps create an easy example of blog writing.

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