12 Best Events Calendar Plugin WordPress In 2023

12 Best Events Calendar Plugin WordPress In 2023

12 Best Events Calendar Plugin WordPress In 2023 - Do you want to promote an event or start hosting regular events on your website? Have you tried the default WordPress calendar and been disappointed? If this is the case, you may benefit from a WordPress event calendar plugins.

12 Best Events Calendar Plugin WordPress In 2023 – Do you want to promote an event or start hosting regular events on your website? Have you tried the default WordPress calendar and been disappointed? If this is the case, you may benefit from a WordPress event calendar plugins.

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WordPress event plugins are essential whether you’re starting an events business, want to boost the awareness of your events, or use booking as part of your business.

12 Best Events Calendar Plugin WordPress In 2023

With hundreds of WordPress events calendar plugin available, how can you separate the good from the bad? How do you assess their advantages and disadvantages, or determine whether they are a worthwhile buy?

This is where we step in.

We scoured the internet for the top WordPress event plugins available. We tried, tested, weighed, and measured them all to come up with the top 12 WordPress event plugins available right now.

We hope it is useful.

WordPress Events Calendar Plugin For?

WordPress event calendar plugins can be as simple as adding a calendar to your website to notify visitors of future events, or they can be more feature-rich. A fully-functional WordPress events plugin may feature ticketing functions, resource and time allocation, attendee management, and post-event email follow-up.

For websites that don’t need a full event management platform, plugins like this can provide a range of options for event administration at a far cheaper cost. All thanks to a WordPress plugin. This is an alternative event calendar plugins WordPress.

How Do Events Aid in Website Promotion?

Events can be an effective approach to advertise a company. Although advertisements, web material, email outreach, and other methods are essential, nothing compares the personal touch or involvement that an event can provide.

Events allow you to show off your products, services, or expertise. They can be used to promote your event location, demonstrate your popularity through a full calendar, or make cash in a variety of ways.

When you add social media participation to the mix, you have a potent concoction of promotional tools. Promote the event online, and give guests the option to share it on social media and write evaluations.

If you support the event with content marketing, you’ll have a really successful way of promoting your organization! This is an alternative event calendar plugins WordPress.

The Top 12 WordPress Events Plugins

Using one of these WordPress events plugins, you can easily integrate events into your website.

1. Modern Events Calendar

The Modern Events Calendar accomplishes exactly what it says. It’s a WordPress events plugin built around a calendar that can be used to showcase events on any website. It’s a really polished product that comes in both free and premium versions. This is one of the most popular WordPress events calendar plugin.

Modern Events Calendar Lite is the free edition. It is really easy to use and can be easily integrated into your website. User-submitted events, flexible event scheduling, event recurrence, different layout options, WordPress shortcode compatibility, and the ability to share events with other calendars are among the features.

Location maps, enhanced shortcode choices, custom booking forms for events, Google Maps directions, different calendar and event views, agenda planning tool, advanced booking options, payment gateways, and much more are included in the premium edition. This is an easy event calendar plugin in WordPress.

Modern Events Calendar Advantages:

  • Feature-rich free version
  • The premium edition has an extensive feature set
  • Some advanced event management features are included
  • There are numerous booking and ticketing options
  • Optional add-ons allow for further expansion

Modern Events Calendar Disadvantages:

  • Some stability concerns have been reported in the free version.

Pricing of Modern Events Calendar:

Modern Events Calendar comes with a free edition as well as three subscription options. The premium edition ranges in price from $75 to $455 for 1 to 10 licenses. Extensions can range in price from $35 to $124.

Views on Modern Events Calendar:

Modern Events Calendar is another great addition to our list of the best WordPress event plugins. It looks excellent, is simple to administer, and can be used efficiently with the default settings or significantly customized if you know how to write. It also represents good value for money.

This plugin may be beneficial to any organization that features or hosts events of any type.

2. Events Manager

The Events Manager plugin for WordPress is organized around a calendar, but it also allows you to accept reservations for each event. The free version of the plugin is really handy and can easily manage basic events. This is an easy WordPress event calendar plugins.

Payment choices, event emails, PayPal and Stripe payments, discounts and coupons, configurable booking forms, and much more are included in the premium edition.

The plugin is simple to use and functions similarly to a desktop calendar. Add an event, specify the start and end times, as well as any repetition, and then upload it. Once posted, you can activate and control registrations from within the plugin. You may even accept event submissions from users.

Events Manager is a powerful WordPress events plugin that makes it easy to manage a full calendar with minimal effort. This is one of the best events calendar plugin WordPress.

Events Manager Advantages:

  • Simple to use and manage
  • The free edition includes the majority of the tools you’ll require
  • The premium edition includes some very useful features
  • Several payment gateways are supported
  • iCal or Google Calendar import

Events Manager Disadvantages:

  • Design may need to be tweaked to meet your brand

Pricing of Events Manager:

Events Manager is free for a single site or $75 per year for up to five sites. Premium has numerous features that will be valuable to many websites.

Views on Events Manager:

Events Manager is a powerful WordPress event plugin. It’s simple to use, quick to maintain, and makes organizing and advertising events a breeze. The addition of the registration component is a distinct advantage of the plugin.

An Events Manager would work for any organization that regularly showcases or hosts events. This is an alternative event calendar plugins WordPress.

3. WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager is yet another fantastic WordPress event plugin. The core plugin is open source and free, focusing on the calendar view. There are also expensive addons available if you need to extend the functionality any further.

WP Event Manager is a new plugin that does things a little differently. It has been created to present events within your website and theme. It also includes a robust Ajax search feature, which some other plugins do not have. This is one of the most accessible WordPress events calendar plugin.

WP Event Manager also includes user submission forms for events, a fully configurable design that fits into any website, numerous view types, a simple event dashboard for busy calendars, and much more. This is an easy event calendar plugin in WordPress.

WP Event Manager Advantages:

  • Designed to work with an existing website with minimal configuration
  • The free plugin contains a plethora of useful functions
  • Lots of opportunities for customization
  • Compatible with the majority of third-party page builders
  • Search function for convenience
  • A long array of addons to take the plugin even farther.

WP Event Manager Disadvantages:

  • The expense of those add-ons might quickly add up
  • It requires a little more setup than the others on this list

Pricing of WP Event Manager:

The core WordPress events plugin is open source and free. To add new features, addons can be purchased. They are available in bundles for $235 or $499, or individually for $39 each.

Views on WP Event Manager:

WP Event Manager may not be as well-known as some of these other plugins, but it certainly packs a punch. There’s a lot to learn and a lot of features to enjoy here. This is one of the most powerful WordPress events plugins available and would be great for any event-hosting business.

4. Amelia

Amelia takes a somewhat different approach than WP Event Manager. This is basically a scheduling plugin with calendar integration. It’s a visually appealing WordPress events plugin with a plethora of features such as booking, event calendar views, multiple event type views, and intelligent management to prevent double booking. This is an easy WordPress event calendar plugins.

Amelia exudes a sophisticated air. The design is sleek and was created to fit effortlessly into any website design with no effort. It is incredibly simple to use, and once placed on your site, you can post event widgets wherever you like and control them all from a back end dashboard. This is one of the best events calendar plugin WordPress.

Amelia is a premium WordPress events plugin that offers excellent value for money. To mention a few, key features include custom field support, recurring appointment support, SMS notifications, WooCommerce connection, and calendar synchronization with other calendars.

Amelia Advantages:

  • Excellent design and usability
  • Widgets that can be placed anywhere on your website
  • It is compatible with WordPress custom fields
  • External calendars are synchronized
  • A large number of setup choices are available

Amelia Disadvantages:

Because of the variety of functionality, initial setup may take some time.

Pricing of Amelia:

Amelia offers three pricing tiers: Basic ($59), Pro ($109), and Developer ($249). The biggest distinction between plans is the number of websites on which you can use it. It is not inexpensive, but considering the quality and alternatives provided, it is a worthwhile investment.

Views on Amelia:

Amelia’s design, feel, and user experience are clearly the result of careful consideration. That’s to its credit, and it’ll come in handy when you utilize it. The option to customize the plugin to meet any type of business is also a significant plus, making it truly helpful for organizations of all sizes who accept bookings. This is an alternative event calendar plugins WordPress.

5. Event Organiser

Another feature-rich WordPress events plugin worth investigating is Event Organiser. It lacks Amelia’s clean appearance, but it has many features that have been developed to be as adaptable and user pleasant as possible. This is one of the most accessible WordPress events calendar plugin.

Event Organiser is a calendar-based plugin with an easy-to-use dashboard and a month-to-view view. You may use the plugin to display events, sell tickets for certain events, manage bookings, personalize the booking form, send confirmation and follow-up emails, and accept payments through numerous payment methods. This is an easy event calendar plugin in WordPress.

There are two versions of the plugin: free and premium. The free edition includes a calendar and event booking, but the Pro version includes payments, ticketing, and email follow ups. In all versions, you can change the style and feel of your calendar.

Event Organiser Advantages:

  • Designed to be as adaptable as feasible
  • The feature-rich Pro edition has all of the capabilities you’ll require
  • The free version is fully functional
  • WordPress hooks give developers a lot of flexibility
  • Optional extensions allow for further expansion

Event Organiser Disadvantages:

  • To sell tickets for your event, you will require Pro
  • Some extensions are only available with particular price plans, so choose wisely

Pricing of Event Organiser:

Personal plans start at £50, Business plans start at £90, and Developer plans start at £120 per year. Some extensions are only available with Business and/or Developer plans, so double-check before purchasing.

Views on Event Organiser:

Event Organiser is a powerful WordPress events plugin with a plethora of functions. The core plugin is sufficient for non-developers, but if you know how to code, you can do almost anything with it. That’s a lot of power for a small investment.

Event Organiser would be employed by any website that promotes, showcases, or holds events.

6. All-in-One Event Calendar

Time.ly’s All-in-One Event Calendar is a visually appealing WordPress events plugin centered around a calendar. The goal from the beginning was to design a plugin that reduced administration and made it easy to post and manage events. These objectives are met by this plugin.

The design is straightforward and to the point. It speeds up calendar creation, event management, recurring event setup, and calendar import. This is an easy WordPress event calendar plugins.

All-in-One Event Calendar offers a free version that integrates with WordPress and a unique hosted edition that integrates with your website via the cloud. It’s a novel method that appears to be effective. This is one of the best events calendar plugin WordPress.

All-in-One Event Calendar Advantages:

It is designed to make event management simple.
Integrates with WordPress using a plugin or the cloud
Event recurrences are endless because to detailed event management.
Works with external calendars for convenience.
A straightforward dashboard

All-in-One Event Calendar Disadvantages:

  • Pricing is a little speculative
  • In the past, support has been problematic

Pricing of All-in-One Event Calendar:

All-in-One Event Calendar includes a free alternative that operates as a standard WordPress plugin. The premium plans host your events on their cloud platform and include additional features. Premium options range from $14.99 per month to $83.10 per month when paid annually.

Views on All-in-One Event Calendar:

All-in-One Event Calendar’s basic functions properly. The calendar is simple to use and manage, and the flexibility to personalize recurring events is fantastic. The cloud app concept will not appeal to everyone, but it appears to operate well enough if you can get over the fee. This is an alternative event calendar plugins WordPress.

7. Event Espresso

For good reason, Event Espresso is one of the most popular WordPress events calendar plugin. It’s a well-known plugin with a plethora of functionality in both the free and paid editions.

The free version, Event Espresso Decaf, includes a calendar, ticketing and event registration, and even an event payment portal. This is rare for a free plugin, as payments are normally restricted to paid versions. There are also email follow-up and confirmation tools, which are generally reserved for premium users.

Because it handles more event management functions, this plugin is more involved than many others on this list. It aids with the management of tickets, event registration, payments, event check-in, and much more. This is an easy event calendar plugin in WordPress.

It is a powerful events plugin that handles every aspect of event administration and can even integrate with ticket scanning apps!

Event Espresso Advantages:

  • Wide range of capabilities that cover most aspects of event administration
  • Payment gateways are included in the free edition, which is unique
  • The free edition also includes event email options
  • Integration of a ticket scanning app is a clever trick

Event Espresso Disadvantages:

Pricing of Event Espresso:

Event Espresso Decaf is a free event management app that offers many of the tools you’ll need. Event Espresso is available in three subscription plans: Personal ($79.95), Developer ($299.95), and Everything ($299.95) invoiced annually. Extra extensions can be purchased separately or included in the bundles.

Views on Event Espresso:

Event Espresso gets points right away for offering premium features in the free edition. When you upgrade to premium, the list of features grows dramatically. With features comes complexity, but the documentation is simple enough to get you started.

While Event Espresso is excellent for smaller businesses, it is best suited for dedicated event firms or larger organizations.

8. The Events Calendar

Stellar WP’s Events Calendar, which is available in both free and paid versions, is one of the most popular events plugins for WordPress. It displays events using a calendar view. It defaults to a month view but may be changed to show daily and weekly data as well. This is a popular WordPress event calendar plugins.

The Events Calendar’s major strength is customization. The plugin is quite simple, however it serves as a foundation for building branded and more thorough event views if you know a little programming.

Even if you don’t know how to code, The Events Calendar is still useful! This is an easy event calendar plugin in WordPress.

The Events Calendar Advantages:

  • Will work out of the box
  • It allows for vast customization
  • iCal or Google Calendar events can be imported

The Events Calendar Disadvantages:

  • Barebones design will not appeal to everyone
  • Based on a calendar view

Pricing of The Events Calendar:

The Events Calendar has a free version with the basic features and a subscription version that starts at $99 a year. Priority support, extra calendar views, recurring events, and additional fields and widget options are all included with Premium.

Views on The Events Calendar:

Because of its simplicity, the Events Calendar is a widely popular plugin. The features may be scarce in comparison to others, but the flexibility to personalize it yourself provides actual value.

The Events Calendar could be useful for any size organization, but it would be most useful for those who have access to a developer. This is an alternative event calendar plugins WordPress.

9. My Calendar

My Calendar is a basic calendar plugin that makes displaying and managing events a breeze. This plugin is free with a premium version that enhances capabilities and one of the most popular WordPress events calendar plugin. Both revolve around the calendar and provide a variety of features dependent on your requirements.

My Calendar’s free version includes a WordPress dashboard page for managing events and a customer-facing calendar for displaying them. You may sync events across WordPress websites, share them on social media, embed your calendar with a widget, and link with other plugins to provide additional functionality.

User submissions, sponsored event placement, event import from third-party tools, and the option to create events from blog entries are all included in the premium edition of My Calendar. This is one of the best events calendar plugin WordPress.

My Calendar Advantages:

  • The emphasis is on making things simple and easy to use
  • If you’re a developer, there are numerous ways to alter and enhance it
  • Simple dashboard for event management

My Calendar Disadvantages:

  • Not as comprehensive as some other WordPress events plugins
  • The premium edition adds little value

Pricing of My Calendar:

My Calendar is available in both free and premium versions. The premium edition is $49 per year or $199 for life. It has a reasonable pricing but does not provide as much value as some of the other WordPress events plugins on this list.

Views on My Calendar:

My Calendar is quite good at what it does. It’s simple to use, stable, and effective. However, it is primarily limited to calendar functions. This is a good option if you want a simple, highly configurable calendar. If you require more advanced functionality, you should search elsewhere.

10. EventOn

EventOn is the most visually appealing WordPress events plugin available. It’s highly appealing and makes excellent use of color and flat design. It is also feature-rich and makes quick work of managing, displaying, and even hosting events. This is a popular WordPress event calendar plugins.

EventOn’s calendar function is robust. It’s simple to create events, manage them, edit or establish recurring events, and show them on a page or with a widget. Listings can include photographs and even a join option for Zoom or other virtual events.

If the core EventOn plugin is insufficient, the developer additionally provides addons such as subscriptions, email reminders, event monetization tools, booking administration tools, a speaker and session scheduler, and more. Each costs a little more but provides a lot more. This is an easy event calendar plugin in WordPress.

EventOn Advantages:

  • The best design of any WordPress events plugin
  • Excellent user interface for managing events
  • Interactive calendar with pictures and additional material
  • Option to join virtual events from within the calendar
  • Core plugin is great value

EventOn Disadvantages:

  • There are numerous features to learn about
  • Pricing isn’t the easiest to grasp

Pricing of EventOn:

EventOn is now available for $25 on CodeCanyon. Extensions are optional and can range from $15 to $310 per year. There are also bundles available. The cost is a little perplexing because many of the extension’s capabilities are contained in the description of the core product. Aside from that, the pricing is reasonable.

Views on EventOn:

EventOn looks good, feels well, and functions extremely well. It includes a lot of functionality, including some event management features on the back end. Furthermore, $25 for the core plugin is excellent value.

EventOn would be useful for a wide range of businesses who take appointments or provide live or virtual events.

11. Stachethemes Event Calendar

Stachethemes Event Calendar is a newbie to the WordPress events plugin arena, but it appears to be motivated to establish a name for itself. It’s a feature-rich plugin with a fantastic look, a lengthy feature list, and its own drag-and-drop builder.

This is a pretty well-designed plugin that makes excellent use of color, graphics, and flat design. It also includes support for different payment methods, social sharing options, a drag and drop event builder, a variety of calendar and event display options, coming soon pages for future events, filters and search, booking tools, WooCommerce connection, and a slew of other features.

Stachethemes Event Calendar is compatible with the majority of WordPress themes and is also responsive. This is an easy event calendar plugin in WordPress.

Stachethemes Event Calendar Advantages:

  • Great design with eye-catching images
  • Simple dashboard and event builder
  • A large number of calendar and event views are available
  • A Coming Soon page is a fantastic addition
  • Booking and ticketing software

Stachethemes Event Calendar Disadvantages:

  • Some unfavorable feedback on plugin support

Pricing of Stachethemes Event Calendar:

Stachethemes Event Calendar is available from CodeCanyon for $49 and is excellent value for the features and quality on offer.

Views on Stachethemes Event Calendar:

It’s difficult to find fault with Stachethemes Event Calendar. It’s an excellent WordPress events plugin that provides the quality and features you require. We had to hunt for anything terrible to say about it.

This plugin could be useful for any company that hosts or promotes events. It is inexpensive enough for any business to use. This is an alternative event calendar plugins WordPress.

12. Venture Event Manager

Venture Event Manager is the last on our list of the best WordPress events plugins in 2022, but it is far from the least. It’s another another refined offering that includes a variety of event planning and scheduling options.

The free edition of Venture Event Manager is extremely user-friendly and includes a drag-and-drop event builder. The default functionality should be sufficient for non-developers, but the additional coding choices provide nearly limitless potential for customisation.

Calendar views, event listings, iCal and Gcal integration, widgets, a search tool, recurring events, and the option to use Google Maps for directions are among the features. The premium edition includes upcoming event listings, more filtering options, custom layouts, grid layouts, and addon access. This is one of the best events calendar plugin WordPress.

Venture Event Manager Advantages:

  • Using the default parameters is simple
  • If you’re a developer, you have a lot of customization options
  • The free edition includes a plethora of features
  • The use of a drag-and-drop event builder is encouraged

Venture Event Manager Disadvantages:

  • Putting user functionality like filtering behind a paywall isn’t the best idea
  • Costly in comparison

Pricing of Venture Event Manager:

Venture Event Manager is available in two versions: free and paid. A single license costs $149, and 25 licenses cost $499. Some add-ons are priced separately, ranging from $49 to $199.

Views on Venture Event Manager:

The Venture Event Manager plugin is really effective at what it does. It works well, is simple to set up, and can be put into action in minutes. There are also excellent possibilities for those that want to go much further. However, we have concerns about putting user features behind a fee.

Most firms who work with events and want a simple plugin to manage them would benefit from Venture Event Manager.

What Should a WordPress Event Plugin Include?

As you can see from our list, WordPress event plugins come in all shapes and sizes, with significant differences in design, pricing, and capabilities.

That is why lists like this are so helpful. They provide you an overview of the options’ strengths and drawbacks, as well as feature highlights.

What should you search for if you’re looking for a WordPress event plugin?

  • Ease of use – Because time is so valuable, we want to spend as little time as possible monitoring calendars. Any plugin that reduces the administrative burden of events should be considered.
  • Drag and drop event builder – We’ve all used drag and drop page builders since they simplify site design. Any WordPress event plugin that makes use of a variation of that for events needs to be worth a look.
  • User submissions for events – Allowing users to submit events for listing is an option for both engagement and profit for relevant websites.
  • Location maps and directions – Interaction is important, and if a WordPress event plugin has a map function with instructions, users will be able to find their way much more easily.
  • Integration with third-party services – The ability for a WordPress event plugin to play smoothly with other website features, whether it’s WooCommerce, Google Calendar, iCalc, or something else, is valuable.
  • Responsive design – If a plugin or WordPress theme is not responsive, it will fail. This is now a must for any web site, and it applies here as well.
  • Cost effectiveness – We expect to pay for excellence, but we also expect to be fairly compensated. We do not suggest paying for a plugin and then being charged extra for vital functionalities.

Is a WordPress Event Plugin Worth the Money?

Although it is difficult to disagree with the value of free, there are compelling reasons why you would want to pay for a premium WordPress events plugin.

Some of the WordPress event plugins on this list are completely free. Within the free version, a few provide payment gateways and other essential features.

However, quality is worth paying for. Many of the optional premium features are as well.

Support is an important aspect of premium WordPress plugins that is frequently overlooked. Most developers provide limited assistance for the free version, but paying clients always take precedence.

The best-case scenario is that you never need support, but customer service is one of those characteristics that you enjoy the most when you need it the most!

5 Creative Event Ideas to Help Advertise Your Business

Now that you know what WordPress events plugins to consider and what to search for, how can you utilize them to promote your company or organization?

Here are five practical suggestions:

  1. Feature your event on discovery websites – Websites like Bandsintown, Facebook Events, and others can all list your event for further exposure.
  2. Create an event hashtag and use it everywhere – Social media is an enormously effective promotional tool that can be used in a variety of ways. One of them is creating and utilizing a hashtag freely.
  3. Use third-party ticketing systems in addition to your own – Using third-party platforms in addition to your own provides more options to sell while avoiding any trust issues with unknown websites. Billetto is only one example of such a platform.
  4. Make use of gifts and competitions – Everyone enjoys a freebie and a good competition. To increase engagement, provide VIP access, free tickets, discounts, or other incentives, and then share them over the web and social media.
  5. Collaboration with a brand or influencer – Using someone else’s notoriety to market yourself is nothing new, yet it is quite effective. Collaboration with a brand or influencer with ties to the event or industry might be quite beneficial!


WordPress plugins are one of the most useful components of the content management system. They offer nearly endless chances to broaden your audience and introduce new features. WordPress event plugins provide both of these features.

There is no better way to incorporate events into your daily life. There is no easier method to market, distribute, and allow others to share them.

One of these WordPress event plugins will let you incorporate events into your company. The list contains some of the most popular plugins available, each with the features, pricing, and support you require to be successful. To keep things simple, use event and conference specific themes.

Which of them is your favorite? Do you make use of another WordPress event plugin? Tell us about it in the comments!

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