Blog Name Ideas: The Complete Guide to Choosing an Effective Blog Name

Blog Name Ideas: The Complete Guide to Choosing an Effective Blog Name

Blog Name Ideas: The Complete Guide to Choosing an Effective Blog Name - Choosing the proper blog name might be difficult.

Blog Name Ideas: The Complete Guide to Choosing an Effective Blog Name – Choosing the proper blog name might be difficult. Creating blog name ideas can help, but it’s a time-consuming procedure that requires a variety of criteria.

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It would be ideal if you could come up with something smart that completely reflects the purpose of your site. However, you do not want to be too restrictive or choose something that will not rank well in search engines.

Worse, you might choose something for which there is no existing domain or social channel handles.

Blog Name Ideas: The Complete Guide to Choosing an Effective Blog Name

This post will explain how to develop blog name ideas and the steps you must take to come up with the right blog name. Before we get started, let’s define what constitutes a good blog name.

What Makes a Good Blog Name?

Picking the perfect blog name, like choosing the right domain name, involves considerable study.

  • Memorable enough that it stands out
  • Related to the product or service the business is selling
  • Distinctive from other blog names in the market

Choosing the incorrect name might be costly in the long run. If you have to modify it afterwards, you lose the branding possibilities you could have had up until that moment.

You will also need to invest in a new logo and re-engage your readers with the new brand.

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Today, there are approximately 600 million blogs published worldwide. Make your blog stand out by giving it a unique name that is only distantly related to your brand.

Consider Banknotes, a blog for the creator marketplace Hashtag Paid. To enhance sales, the company connects creators with brands.

Your goal should always be to get your blog name perfect on the first try.

How to Create a Blog Name

Many factors should be considered when brainstorming blog name ideas.

Create a purpose for your blog before you begin. Are you creating a travel or fashion blog? Will you spotlight the best restaurants in your area? Right away, your subject matter can direct your blog name brainstorming.

Establishing your blog focus will assist you in setting expectations and coming up with innovative blog names. When choosing a successful name for their industry, whether you’re starting a personal blog or a fitness blog, every blogger must think like a marketer.

Here is a checklist of items to consider when choosing amongst perfect blog name ideas:

  • Subject Matter: What are you writing about?
  • Target Audience: Who will read your writing?
  • Blogging Motivation: Why did you create this blog in the first place? Is it just a creative outlet or an SEO engine to drive traffic and sales?
  • Writing Style: Will your blog be humorous or serious? Your name should be aligned with that style.
  • Future Focus: Will your blog evolve into new topics down the road? Don’t select a name that is too limiting.
  • Length: How will the name of your blog read in spots where there are character limits?

Choosing the wrong blog name is akin to building a house on quicksand. It is preferable to have the proper name to act as a basis.

Every new blogger wishes to come up with catchy blog titles. They experiment with several names, hoping to find a common word or phrase that fits their branding and blogging specialty. This is often easier said than done.

The ideal blog name should be associated with the company or individual’s brand. It should appear natural and interesting. If you repeat the name out, you should be able to grasp the connections between the blog and the company or person affiliated with it.

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Courier is a word linked with Mailchimp, and it was used as the name of its blog.

Its platform began as an email marketing platform (EMP) that allowed businesses to communicate with their customers. As a result, Courier makes sense as the name of its blog.

Now that you know what to look for in a blog name, let’s go over how to choose the perfect name for your brand. This is a good idea as an example of blog name.

Creating Blog Name Ideas

It’s one thing to know what to look for in a blog name. Finding the proper name is an entirely different challenge.

Here are a few measures you should follow to come up with the perfect blog name.

1. Begin with one or two focus keywords

Each of your posts should have a focus keyword if you’re optimizing for SEO. Why not your entire blog?

Consider your topic and use a single target keyword in the title.

Disney, for example, could have named its blog something inventive and enchanting. However, that is not always what people type into search engines.

Instead, it features various blogs with specific focuses. For example, here’s the Disney Parks Blog, a news blog that covers anything new at Disney’s theme parks.

This blog will display if a reader searches for “Disney Parks.” This is a good idea as an example of blog name.

You might try stringing together related words to get domain names that match search queries.

2. Make Use of Your Own Name

You may not even need to use a separate name for your blog in some cases.

If you have a well-known company name or are an industry thought-leader, using your name as the blog name may make more sense.

HubSpot, a renowned marketing platform, has a “HubSpot Blog” where it posts all of its new content. This is a good idea as an example of blog name.

Customers are familiar with HubSpot, so they understand that its blog produces reliable information.

3. Make use of Thesaurus

Can’t think of a term to describe your company?

Write down some of the most often used words in your communications. Then, using a thesaurus, look up other words that are related.

For example, if you looked up “target” in a thesaurus, you might come across “bullseye.”

As a result, it’s no surprise that Target’s blog is called “A Bullseye View.” This is a good idea as an example of blog name.

Target employs a brand-related word to ensure that its blog stays on brand.

4. Make use of Alliteration

Phrases that begin with the same letter can be memorable and catchy.

That is why it is a good idea to use alliteration in your blog name.

Starbucks’ blog, “Starbucks Stories,” is easy to remember. It’s playful, catchy, and enjoyable. This is a good idea as an example of blog name.

Starbucks’ Stories is a straightforward yet memorable blog name that will linger in the thoughts of its readers.

5. Make Use of Acronyms and Abbreviations

If your name is long, consider using an acronym or abbreviation.

This method is also handy if your desired domain name is already in use. You can check with a popular domain registrar to determine whether your desired domain is available.

You should also look at how much your domain costs to avoid overspending.

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You can condense your blog name with an acronym or shorthand to make it easier to discover and type into a browser.

Consider the NASA Blog, a simple, clear blog for the space agency. This is a good idea as an example of blog name.

The brief abbreviation is simple to remember and provides for effective blog name ideas.

6. Construct a Portmanteau

A portmanteau is the blending of two words to form a completely new word.

This works well if your blog is about bringing two things together. Furthermore, by coining your own phrase, you won’t have to worry about the domain being taken.

Because labradoodle is a portmanteau, the Agape Labradoodles blog used this strategy.

You should exercise caution, however. Portmanteaus might be perplexing and ambiguous to certain readers if they aren’t readily recognizable.

7. Make use of a Common Phrase

Something that your readers are already saying should be the name of your site.

For example, business-minded people frequently consider the state of “flow,” or your naturally working state when you’re on a roll.

Buffer, a social media management tool, has dubbed its blog “Flow” in order to showcase marketing stories and relevant material for working professionals.

This method engages your readers while also translating your blog into their language. This is a good idea as an example of blog name.

8. Consider Words in Different Languages

Even if you don’t have an international readership, some words in other languages may make good blog titles.

Take, for example, Blog de Pelis. This is a good idea as an example of blog name.

This is a well-known movie blog that spotlights new releases and special features.

With a blog title in a different language, you can broaden your readership and attract a large number of new viewers.

9. Pick a Random Name

Sometimes you need to be creative with your blog name. It will be more memorable as a result.

This method is used by The AV Club, a popular movie review blog. This is a good idea as an example of blog name.

Its blog is symbolic of a movie fan club. While there was no club at first, AV Club built and owned its brand name, linking its readers to the vibrant community.

10. Check the Names of Competitors

Before deciding on a blog name, look at what your competitors are doing.

This might be a helpful guidepost when looking for the correct name. This is a good idea as an example of blog name.

The Allstate brand stayed true to its beginnings in the competitive insurance industry. Instead of changing its name, the corporation stayed true to its well-known brand.

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The Allstate Blog is your one-stop shop for any insurance-related questions.

Through its blog, the company used its distinct brand identity to give consumers with answers to insurance-related problems.

Now that you’ve identified the ten factors to consider, it’s time to look at ten various blog generators to use as an additional resource.

10 Blog Name Generators for 2022

There are various blog name generators available to assist you in finding the perfect name. Here are the top five you should think about.

1. BNG

Blog Name Generator (BNG) is an uncomplicated blog name generator that can assist you in coming up with creative blog names in only a few clicks.

It will generate hundreds of names and check their availability with GoDaddy. On the site, there are several generators for several languages.

If you don’t know where to begin, use Blog Name Generator to generate some suggestions.

2. Masterpiece Generator

Masterpiece Generator is a name generator that uses more than one keyword. Instead, you can include various adjectives, verbs, and nouns related to your business. When generating name suggestions, the generator will consider these words.

This site includes more inputs for generating certain name combinations. It allows you to be more specific and focused with the generated results.

3. Nameboy

Nameboy is a blog name generator that generates blog names and immediately links you with a hosting provider to get you up and running. The platform connects with Bluehost to assist you with domain hosting.

Most significantly, Nameboy provides a variety of generators for a variety of applications. Name generators for podcasts, stores, businesses, blogs, and other purposes are included. It has a unique formula for each one, sourcing only the best brand names.

4. Wordoid

If you don’t know where to begin, Wordoid is a good place to start. You can combine two brand words to make an altogether new, one-of-a-kind word. This generator mixes many words in various ways to create a one-of-a-kind name for your site.

If you utilize this service to find blog names, use caution. The improper name can harm the growth of your site. Before going live, make sure you test the new name mashup on various readers to receive feedback.

Wizlogo is a free blog name generator that will generate a slew of potential blog names for you. All you have to do, like with the other generators, is enter words related to your blog.

After you fill in a term, Wizlogo will instantly produce a free logo for your blog. This service turns it into a one-stop shop for starting a blog. You can start creating your first blog post with a new name and logo.

6. Namify

Namify is a blog name generator that lets you choose a category based on your keywords for a more tailored name.

If you have a food blog, for example, you may choose “food” and enter the type of food you’re blogging about. Namify will compile a list of related blog names based on your search query.

Namify’s ability to automatically check whether or not the matching social handles and domains are available is another significant feature. If there are no matching handles, you may want to revisit some of the names.

7. Wix Blog Name Generator

Wix Blog Name Generator is an excellent tool for assisting you in naming your blog. If you intend to construct your site with Wix, this is a natural choice for you to make.

The blog name generator will automatically cross-reference your name suggestions with available domains from Wix.

8. is a great blog name generator that takes into account a variety of technological constraints that you may not have considered while deciding on a name for your blog.

You can, for example, consider character restrictions and set constraints to guarantee your blog name isn’t too long or too short.

If you come across a blog name you like but the domain isn’t accessible, offers WHOIS information for blogs that aren’t currently for sale. If you want to use the domain to launch your blog, you can contact that individual and try to purchase it from them.

9. Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search is a simple domain name generator to help you get blog name ideas. It not only gives you ideas, but it also shows which domains are for sale and identifies viable domain extensions for your consideration.

This is a one-stop shop for thinking about the future of your blog and any brand extension media channels that may emerge as a result of its success. If you think you might branch out from your current core blog, this site is ideal for planning your long-term future.

10. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is a simple domain search engine that may also serve as a blog name generator. The site’s instructions are straightforward: “Try putting in a search keyword.” The results will then create all of your suggestions.

You can sort the generator by popularity, length, or alphabetical order. You can also limit the results to those that begin or end with your search term. This site doesn’t have many special features, so start here if you want something simple.

Prior to Making a Final Decision

With your name in hand, there are a few last things you should ask yourself before committing it to being the official name of your blog.

These precautions are in place to ensure that you think about your new blog name from a variety of angles.

Is the domain/blog name available?

This feature is included into several name generators. If not, check the site platform you’re using, such as WordPress or Wix, for domain availability.

Is the name legible in domain format?

To avoid feeling strange or unpleasant, imagine your blog name with a .com or .blog following it. Some names may appear to be a good fit at first.

You should reserve your decision until you see how the domain looks and feels.

Is the name easy to pronounce and spell?

You don’t want to constantly spelling it for others while you advertise your blog. It is vital to have a clear, straightforward name that is easy to spell and find.

Are there any social media accounts available?

Complete a search of all major social media platforms. If the handles you want aren’t accessible, try @yourblogname official or other versions that you like.


It takes time to come up with the perfect name for your blog. You must produce blog name suggestions and narrow them down to get the best one.

Following that, it would be beneficial if you asked yourself a series of qualifying questions to examine how your blog name will be interpreted.

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You’ll put your site up for optimum success if you choose the proper blog name ideas.

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