Top 30 Best Gutenberg WordPress Themes (2023)

Top 30 Best Gutenberg WordPress Themes (2023)

Top 30 Best Gutenberg WordPress Themes (2022) - Gutenberg, the native WordPress editor, was introduced with WordPress 5.0 in February 2019.

Top 30 Best Gutenberg WordPress Themes (2023) – Gutenberg, the native WordPress editor, was introduced with WordPress 5.0 in February 2019.

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With this release, WordPress users will be able to edit their entire site using the Gutenberg block editor.

Gutenberg is now the default editor for any new WordPress installation. It makes creating posts and pages far more simple and intuitive than before.

Top 30 Best Gutenberg WordPress Themes (2023)

This article will highlight some of the best Gutenberg themes available on the market. To create this list, we tried and tested over a hundred templates from various websites. In terms of design, speed, flexibility, and dependability, each represents the best of the Gutenberg themes.

It will be on this list if you’re looking for a great-looking Gutenberg theme that won’t let you down!

Introducing the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

The Gutenberg editor altered your interaction with WordPress. It includes a new user interface that aligns WordPress with popular drag-and-drop page builders like Elementor.

You now have a new editor window with blocks instead of a plain content editor window with spaces for headlines and content.

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Everything on the screen (images, content, video, audio, galleries, and buttons) is a block.

Each block can be customized individually, and you have a lot more design and page-building options.

It’s one of the most significant changes to WordPress since its inception in 2003.

Block Themes: A New Way to Create WordPress Websites

A block theme is a grouping of blocks. Everything in a block theme is a block, including the menus, header, footer, and content.

Because each block is placed independently in the theme design, you can place a block anywhere on the page.

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This allows for greater design flexibility because each block can be customized as desired. The blocks can be used as part of a larger design or on their own.

Blocks allow you to fine-tune how you design a page and control the look and feel of your website.

The following are the blocks that theme builders can include in a post template:

  • Post Title
  • Post Content
  • Post Author
  • Post Comment
  • Post Comment Author
  • Post Comment Date
  • Post Comments
  • Post Comments Count
  • Post Comments Form
  • Post Date
  • Post Excerpt
  • Post Featured Image
  • Post Tags

As you can see, developers can combine these blocks to create unique designs for their themes.

Users will find it easier to change theme design and functionality by modifying specific blocks rather than switching themes.

We recommend starting with Twenty Twenty Two if you want to experiment with block themes.

What Makes Block Themes Unique From Regular Themes

On the surface, block-based themes and regular themes may appear to have similar design and feature sets.

The real distinctions are found under the hood.

Traditional themes are created with PHP templates contained within.php files.

Block themes, on the other hand, make use of block templates that can be swapped out to change various aspects of the theme.

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For example, you could save a header block template as header.html. Once it’s in place, you can use it in all other block templates to ensure that all blocks have the same headers.

This saves developers the time and effort of editing all references to block headers in all PHP files.

Another significant distinction between the two types of themes is the lack of a Customizer in block themes.

Because everything is a block, including the site logo, title, and tagline, you don’t need to use the Customizer to change them.

Simply edit the blocks and you’re done.

Similarly, you can change the colors and fonts in the Admin area by using the Styling settings.

Top Gutenberg WordPress Themes

If you’re creating a new website, you should consider using one of these Gutenberg-friendly WordPress themes. This enables you to take advantage of the most recent and upcoming changes that the WordPress team will implement in future releases.

1. Astra

Astra is a popular theme for creating visually appealing WordPress websites. The Gutenberg editor is fully compatible with the theme. You can choose from 100+ starter and professional templates to build your dream website with Gutenberg full-page editing.

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Astra is extremely adaptable, and it can be used with any popular page builder, including Elementor, Brizy Builder, and Beaver Builder.

Astra is a modern, fast-loading, SEO-friendly WordPress theme that looks professional while requiring little design knowledge. You can begin by importing a website template and then customizing the pages to your needs.

The good news is that you can find a Gutenberg website template for any industry or niche you can think of. Similarly, these templates come in a variety of designs, including minimal and dark options.

Astra can even help you set up your WooCommerce store by importing a store or eCommerce template.

Installing The Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks Library plugin, which expands your design options with a collection of free Gutenberg blocks, will allow you to experience the true power of Gutenberg blocks.

Advantages of Astra:

  • Very simple to use and user-friendly
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.
  • Both free and paid templates appear professional.
  • Pages load quickly because there is no render-blocking jQuery.
  • A large number of layout options are available.

Astra’s disadvantages:

It takes some time to learn all of the features.

Pricing for Astra:

Astra has a free and a premium version starting at $49.

Astra’s viewpoint:

Astra delivers excellent results whether you use the WordPress Gutenberg editor or not. Themes are first-rate, the overall setup is simple, and there are more features included than in most other themes.

2. Sydney

Sydney is a modern Gutenberg theme with great colours and a nice flow down the page. The demo is set up as a business theme, but it is adaptable enough to suit most uses.

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Sydney has some nice graphics, a lot of page layout options, a simple menu, and an appealing contact page. It’s definitely worth a look.

Sydney’s advantages:

  • Colorful and modern design
  • The page flows smoothly down the page.
  • There are numerous page elements to choose from.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.

Sydney’s disadvantages:

  • Most appropriate for business websites
  • More expensive than Astra

Pricing for Sydney:

Sydney is available for free, with three premium plans starting at $69 per year.

Sydney’s point of view:

Sydney is an appealing design with a lot going for it, but the premium is expensive and you only get access to one theme. To access the rest of the range, you must upgrade to the $99 plan.

3. Kadence

Kadence is a Gutenberg-compatible WordPress theme with a plethora of customization options, making it an excellent choice for those looking to create one-of-a-kind websites.

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Kadence is simple to use and includes a number of features such as a responsive design, multiple layout options, and WooCommerce support. It includes over 100 website demos that are designed to provide a great user experience.

Advantages of Kadence:

  • Theme that is lightweight and fast-loading
  • Complete control over page layout
  • It includes pre-built website templates.
  • The modern designs appear to be very professional.
  • Reasonably priced pro version and membership

Kadence’s disadvantages:

The template library is not very large.

Pricing for Kadence:

Kadence is available for free download. The Pro version costs $79 USD.

Kadence’s point of view:

Kadence is a light, quick-loading Gutenberg theme. It’s well-built and suitable for getting started, but it could benefit from more template variety.

4. StudioPress Themes

StudioPress Themes are well-known for their clean appearance, quick load times, and mobile-friendly responsive designs.

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StudioPress Themes include Genesis blocks, which make it simple to customize a website, making them an excellent choice if you want to create a one-of-a-kind design. All themes come with a library of simple block patterns that you can import with a single click.

All of the themes on this page appear to be clean and professional. Excellent for any company looking to expand their online presence.

StudioPress Themes’ Advantages:

  • Gives you complete control over the layout of your website.
  • Themes that are lightweight and fast-loading
  • You can work with any theme from the StudioPress library.
  • The designs are clean and professional.
  • Fully responsive and loads quickly

StudioPress Themes’ disadvantages:

Expensive premium version because you must purchase Genesis Pro to unlock all features.

Pricing for StudioPress Themes:

The prices for themes range from $59 to $199. If you want to unlock all its features, you need to go with Genesis Pro which costs $360.

StudioPress’s viewpoint:

All StudioPress themes are fantastic. They appear slim and have numerous customization options. However, the upgrade to Genesis Pro is more expensive than others.

5. Frost

Frost is a modern and minimalist WordPress theme that is Gutenberg compatible. It is entirely free and provides block and site templates that can be activated with a single click. It was created by the same team that created StudioPress Themes.

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The theme is new to the market and still has a long way to go. It does have a large number of customizable block patterns. It does not, however, have any website templates that you can import like others.

Despite the fact that it was declared open-source, it is not available in the WordPress repository. You must currently download the theme from the website.

Frost’s Advantages:

  • Theme that is lightweight
  • Designs that are minimalist and elegant
  • Responsive and loads quickly
  • It includes fully customizable block patterns.
  • This is useful if you want to create your own design.

Frost’s disadvantages:

  • There are no templates.
  • It is not available in the WordPress repository, making it difficult to find.

Pricing for Frost:

Frost is open source and free to use.

Frost’s point of view:

Frost clearly has a lot of potential. It is simple, fast, and designed to work in tandem with Gutenberg. If you’re familiar with the block editor, this is an excellent option. If you are a beginner, there is a small learning curve.

6. Go Theme

Go is a free WordPress theme developed by GoDaddy, a hosting and domain registrar. It’s easy to use, with an elegant touch of minimalism that will set your site apart from the crowd!

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It performs admirably in the block editor, particularly when combined with the CoBlocks plugin. It’s a companion plugin purchased by GoDaddy.

The theme and plugin are both free and can be found in the WordPress repository.

Go’s Advantages:

  • It has a sophisticated appearance.
  • Lightweight and quick
  • Responsive
  • The CoBlocks plugin aids in customization.
  • It is free to use.

Go’s disadvantages:

The WordPress repository page does not provide many details.

Pricing for Go:

The Go theme is available for free download and use.

Go’s viewpoint:

Go is a well-designed and well-developed theme. It is compatible with Gutenberg. However, the repository page lacks information about the theme, leaving much to the user’s discretion.

7. Winning Agent Pro

Winning Agent Pro is a Gutenberg real estate theme.

It’s well-designed, with a default color scheme of coffee and a listings search and filter element prominently displayed on the home page. It makes an excellent first impression thanks to a lovely header and colors that immediately catch the attention of visitors. The rest of the content unfolds in a beautifully flowing design as you scroll down.

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Winning Agent Pro’s Advantages:

  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.
  • Ideal for its market
  • IDX compliant
  • Make use of the powerful Genesis Framework.

Winning Agent Pro’s disadvantages:

  • Expensive
  • The theme is open source, but it requires payment to work with Genesis.

Pricing for Winning Agent Pro:

Winning Agent Pro is a one-time fee of $79 USD.

Winning Agent Pro’s Opinion:

Winning Agent Pro is a visually appealing real estate theme. The colors are warm, the filter feature works well, and the overall look is professional, instilling confidence.

8. Music

Music, as the name implies, revolves around artists, bands, and performances. With a video header and music player, it makes an immediate impact, and while autoplay videos are controversial, it is a good way to make an impression!

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The rest of the design combines black with a bold blue contrast color that also stands out. This can be altered to suit your band or brand. There is a sticky audio player, a store element, a gallery, and everything an artist would want to see on a page.

Advantages of Music:

  • Excellent Gutenberg WordPress theme
  • Excellent page design with strong music features
  • Color and empty space are used effectively.
  • Pages flow naturally.

Music’s disadvantages:

Because autoplay video and audio is contentious at best, the theme may lose impact without it.

Pricing for Music:

The music costs $59, but you must pay an additional $10 if you want the Photoshop images included in the demo.

Music’s Opinion:

Music is a fantastic Gutenberg theme that includes great colors, a nice page layout, and everything a band would want to see. There isn’t much to complain about.

9. Neve

Neve is a popular Gutenberg WordPress theme. It is available as a free or premium version, with the premium version providing the best value. Neve, like Astra, comes with a plethora of demo templates covering a wide range of applications. Each makes excellent use of color, white space, and layout and would be a credit to any company.

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Neve works with the WordPress Gutenberg editor, as well as Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, and Divi Builder. There is no shortage of options here!

Advantages of Neve:

  • Theme is very adaptable and works with most page builders.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.
  • A wide range of professional-looking themes are available.
  • Created to load quickly

Neve’s disadvantages:

The majority of demo themes have the same appearance.

Pricing for Neve:

Neve offers a free option as well as three premium plans ranging from $81 to $306 per year.

Neve’s point of view:

We like Neve’s performance and flexibility, but the demos all look the same. Personalizing Neve would require more effort than many of the other demos on this list.

10. Maisha

Maisha is a fantastic theme with a nearly monochrome design and a nice pop of color for buttons and elements. The demo features a black and white image header as well as page elements with an orange contrast color. This works well, as do other colors you could use.

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The rest of the page was designed with a keen eye for design and the target demographic in mind. It is demonstrative without being overly emotional, and it contains all of the elements required to create a call to action.

Maisha’s advantages:

  • Page design that is deceptively simple but effective
  • A monochrome look with a splash of color works well.
  • The page flow and balance are satisfactory.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.

Maisha’s disadvantages:

Strict focus

Pricing for Maisha:

Maisha has a one-time fee ranging from $59 to $199.

Maisha’s point of view:

Maisha is a fantastic Gutenberg theme that includes everything a charity website could want. It is extremely difficult to find fault with it.

11. Zakra

Zakra is one of the greatest free Gutenberg themes available, with a premium edition as well. In the demo, it’s a bold theme with a beautiful contrast color with a grey background and minimal artwork. The free edition employs the Agency layout to provide a robust template suitable for a variety of enterprises.

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Zakra offers ten free demos as well as additional premium demos. Layouts feature all of the page elements you’ll need, plus a few more. It’s totally compatible with Gutenberg and most page builders, and it’s surprisingly fast for a free theme.

Zakra’s Advantages:

  • The free theme has a really excellent design.
  • Premium themes that are well-designed and cover a wider range of areas.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.
  • Page speed was prioritized in the design.

Zakra’s disadvantages:

Because the demo website is temporarily down, you cannot see the templates in action.

Pricing for Zakra:

Zakra is available for free, as well as four premium options ranging in price from $49 to $199.

Zakra’s Point of View:

Zakra’s free version is excellent. It’s a really decent design with a nice flow and all the necessary page features. The premium themes go even further.

12. Divi

Divi is another strong contender, with over a hundred Gutenberg themes to date. Each design is created with a keen sense of color, arrangement, and white space. Pages load quickly and feature the majority of the page elements you’re likely to use. All designs are Gutenberg-compatible and fully responsive.

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The Divi theme collection is a true blend that covers the majority of genres. They are simple to install and personalize using a page builder or Gutenberg, so there is something for everyone.

Advantages of Divi:

  • A large number of demo themes covering every area are available.
  • Layouts that are well-designed and have a keen eye for detail.
  • Load rapidly and completely responsively
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.

Divi’s disadvantages:

  • Somewhat more pricey than others
  • A more difficult learning curve than previous themes

Pricing for Divi:

Divi costs $89 per year or $249 for a lifetime subscription.

Divi’s Opinion:

Divi is an excellent theme with a variety of professional-looking designs. Those themes appear professional and are simple to use, but you must pay for the privilege.

13. Inspiro

Inspiro was created with filmmakers, artists, and photographers in mind. It has a robust header that supports YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosted videos, and photos. The remaining demo pages include aspects that can help those target clients, as well as real estate and business.

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The layouts are incredibly fluid, with a seamless flow and a lot of things to catch the eye. Each works well together and makes a good impression. Of course, depending on your demands, you could remove all of these aspects or make the most of them.

Advantages of Inspiro:

  • The video header makes a strong first impression.
  • Gallery layouts are also effective.
  • The various demos are well suited to their intended niche.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.

Inspiro’s disadvantages:

Autoplay video is not widely used, particularly among mobile users.

Pricing for Inspiro:

The theme and support for Inspiro cost $79 per year.

Inspiro’s viewpoint:

We enjoy Inspiro a lot because of its eye-catching style and adjustable capabilities. However, you have to question how much of the initial impression is lost when the autoplay video is removed.

14. Vigour

Vigour is a professional WordPress Gutenberg theme designed for gyms or sports organizations. It’s a fantastic theme with a vibrant main header color design. Things lighten up further down the page, yet the same colors appear in other places to keep the look consistent. It’s a fantastic page to look at.

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Vigour is compatible with Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi, and contains a variety of features and page elements to allow you build out your site the way you want it. We believe Vigour is one of the best gym templates available.

Advantages of Vigour:

  • Those header colors make a big first impression.
  • For added effect, a more traditional white background includes those colors.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor, Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi are all fully compatible.
  • Very adaptable

Vigour’s disadvantages:

The cheapest pricing only contains one theme.

Pricing for Vigour:

Vigour costs $34 for a single theme or $48 to $174 for full access to all themes.

Vigour’s Opinion:

Vigour is one of the greatest gym/sports themes for Gutenberg right now, in our opinion. The excellent blend of a bold header and a transition into a white background works quite nicely.

15. Essence Pro

Essence Pro has a very stylish design. It makes a good first impression by using dazzling white lettering on a dark background image. A visually appealing menu area also helps. The page comes to life when you scroll down and use well-designed content boxes with subtle shadow effects.

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The demo’s color palette is quite effective, as is the unfolding style, which allows you to simply convey your tale. Because this is another Genesis Framework theme, it will load swiftly and support Gutenberg right out of the box.

Advantages of Essence Pro:

  • Makes extensive use of the Genesis Framework.
  • Fonts and color palette that stand out
  • Excellent design for storytelling.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.

Essence Pro’s disadvantages:

  • The Genesis Framework has a minor learning curve.
  • Expensive Cost

Pricing for Essence Pro:

Essence Pro is $129.95 when purchased with Genesis.

Opinion of Essence Pro:

Essence Pro is a fantastic design with a fantastic layout and all of the right things in all of the right locations. We would give it an unconditional recommendation if it weren’t for the price.

16. Ultra

Themify’s Ultra is yet another powerful WordPress theme for Gutenberg. It’s a versatile theme with several features and customization opportunities. There is a lot to learn here, but few themes provide as many options to make it genuinely your own.

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The Ultra demos cover the majority of niches and provide a variety of layout options. The template is fast to load, was created with the Themify page builder, and is Gutenberg compatible.

Advantages of Ultra:

  • Strong demo templates spanning the majority of niches
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.
  • Themify Builder is comparable to Elementor or Brizy Builder.
  • A variety of layout options and page elements are available.

Ultra’s disadvantages:

Another page builder you must master is Themify Builder.

Pricing for Ultra:

Ultra ranges in price from $59 for a single theme to $89 per year for access to all themes.

Ultra’s viewpoint:

In terms of design, ease of use, and sheer variety of options and features, Ultra is only second to Astra. It’s a good showing, and one of the better Gutenberg themes here.

17. Noto

Pixelgrade’s Noto blog design is intriguing. For its layout alone, it’s one of the more unique Gutenberg themes on this list. The irregularity of the content blocks distinguishes it. We are so used to seeing clean rows of content that anything out of the ordinary draws our attention.

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While the sample is for a blog, it would also work well as a résumé theme. The design is simple, with a white background and pastel colors, and it includes the majority of the page’s functions.

Noto’s Advantages:

  • Design and layout are quite intriguing.
  • Designing a viable blog or resume
  • Built with Gutenberg in mind
  • Pages are responsive and load rapidly.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.

Noto’s disadvantages:

The asymmetrical design may not be suitable for everyone.

Pricing for Noto:

Noto is available for $75 per year or $112 for a lifetime license.

Noto’s point of view:

Noto is one of the most unique Gutenberg themes on this list. Its attraction may not be as universal as some, but its uniqueness should work in your favor.

18. Getwid Base

Getwid is a lightweight minimalist WordPress theme created for Gutenberg. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Getwid plugin, which is a collection of special Gutenberg blocks.

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You can simply construct a wide range of websites with this theme, including agencies, startup sites, product landing pages, and more. Everything is totally configurable, making it a strong and versatile option.

Getwid Base’s Advantages:

  • It is free to use.
  • There are numerous pre-made block patterns available.
  • There are numerous customizing options.
  • Completely compatible with Gutenberg.

Getwid Base’s disadvantages:

Specifically designed for use with the Getwid plugin.

Pricing for Getwid Base:

Getwid is a fully free service.

Getwid Base’s Opinion:

This theme is a fantastic choice if you want to use the preconfigured Getwid blocks plugin.

19. Palmeria

Palmeria is a free theme for reservation websites. This makes it great for hotels, hospitals, and other websites that require meeting or appointment scheduling.

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It connects with the MotoPress WordPress Booking Plugin, making it an excellent solution for any professional project.

Palmeria’s Advantages:

  • Elegant style
  • Dedicated assistance
  • Import sample data with ease.
  • Free

Palmeria’s disadvantages:

Designed primarily for use with the MotoPress booking plugin.

Pricing for Palmeria:

Palmeria is completely free to use.

Palmiera’s point of view:

Palmeria is a gorgeous and elegant alternative for people on a budget if you are developing a booking site for a hotel or other business.

20. Aari

Aari is a minimalist theme developed for bloggers. It offers an infinite color palette, is totally responsive, and includes essential tools such as a post carousel and image lightbox.

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Despite the fact that it is a free theme, Aari is kept up to date and offers carousels, custom widgets, custom sidebars, and other creative components.

Aari’s Advantages:

  • Elegant, minimalist design
  • Easy to use
  • Carousel, sidebar template, and other useful elements
  • Free

Aari’s disadvantages:

Only aimed at bloggers

Pricing for Aari:

Aari is entirely free to use.

Aari’s point of view:

Looking for a clean, minimal blog theme? Aari is an excellent no-nonsense option.

21. Business Trade

Business Trade is available as a free Gutenberg theme or as a paid theme. It is a business-oriented design that is adaptable to a variety of sectors. It’s a vibrant design with two distinct demos to select from. Both make good use of color and layout and present a professional image.

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The free edition of Business Trade includes the majority of the features you want but has limited customization options. Purchasing premium unlocks everything, allowing you to chop and alter as you see fit.

Advantages of Business Trade:

  • There are both free and paid options.
  • They are well-suited to their market.
  • The pages load swiftly.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.

Disadvantages of Business Trade:

Designs do not have the same impact as others.

Pricing for Business Trade:

Business Trade is available in both free and premium versions. Premium licenses start at $55 for a single site and go up to $299 for limitless licenses.

Business Trade’s Opinion:

Business Trade is a decent but not spectacular design. With a little effort, you could make it something spectacular, although the design isn’t as strong as some of these others.

22. Gutenberry

Gutenberry is a minimalist Template Monster theme with a calm initial impression. A lot of empty space, an off-white background, and a pastel color scheme all contribute to an extremely relaxing experience.

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This is a versatile theme that might be used for a variety of purposes. It is, as the name implies, a WordPress Gutenberg theme that includes six distinct demos, numerous page elements, and the freedom to build out your pages however you see fit.

Gutenberry’s advantages:

  • A calm design with a wonderful flow.
  • Pretty pastel color scheme
  • Pages that are adaptable to a wide range of applications
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.

Gutenberry’s disadvantages:

Pastel design is not for everyone.

Pricing for Gutenberry:

A single site license for Gutenberry costs $59 USD.

Gutenberry’s point of view:

Gutenberry is a visually appealing design that might function well in a variety of contexts. The pastel colors create a calm atmosphere that may appeal to the correct audience.

23. Foodica

Foodica is a powerful food-focused WordPress theme for Gutenberg. We like how you used white space and content blocks. While the food part is primarily accomplished through photography, the addition of recipe cards and an index lends additional power to any gourmet website you wish to create.

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The layout flows nicely, with a variety of page elements such as blogs, features, photographs, galleries, and those recipes. It’s a mostly monochrome design with photos providing color, yet it works extremely well.

Foodica’s advantages:

  • Nice design with a laid-back vibe
  • Excellent usage of white space
  • Palette is simple but effective.
  • Recipe cards and an index are included.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.

Foodica’s disadvantages:

Include nothing that distinguishes the topic from the crowd.

Pricing for Foodica:

Foodica is priced at $69.

Foodica’s Opinion:

Foodica is a favorite of ours. It’s a straightforward design that’s fresh and tidy. The disadvantage is that you will have to work hard to make your imagery stand out.

24. Landing

Landing, as the name implies, is a Gutenberg landing page theme. The theme includes a number of demos that cover a variety of uses and designs. Each of these could be easily customized to your specifications, or you could create one from scratch using Themify’s drag and drop page builder.

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Colorful and appealing designs are essential for landing pages. The theme is very adaptable and includes a few eye-catching animation options.

Advantages of Landing:

  • Templates for strong landing pages with modern elements
  • Colorful and eye-catching features
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.
  • Page elements that are flexible and customizable

The disadvantages of Landing:

Designed primarily for landing pages as opposed to full websites.

Pricing for Landing:

The theme costs $59 for the landing page, or $69 with Photoshop images.

Landing’s Opinion:

Landing is a good Gutenberg theme for landing pages. It includes a variety of demos that cover the majority of requirements, as well as the ability to customize each.

25. Gutenberg Starter 

Gutenberg Starter is a clean and simple Gutenberg theme. It starts with a strong header slider with an eye-catching image and moves into a clean, white page with frameless content blocks. For added impact, the demo includes animations.

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The design is fantastic. It’s straightforward but effective, with modern fonts, plenty of white space, and a soft color palette. The theme also includes a WooCommerce-compatible store.

Gutenberg Starter’s advantages:

  • Minimalist design success
  • Excellent use of fonts and images in frameless blocks.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.
  • WooCommerce blocks are included for a fully functional store.

Gutenberg Starter’s disadvantages:

Strong images will be required to carry the minimalist design.

Pricing for Gutenberg Starter:

Gutenberg Starter is $59 for this theme and $99 for all themes.

Gutenberg Starter’s Opinion:

This is one of the better minimalist Gutenberg themes in our opinion. The simplicity works well, and the combination of soft colors and modern fonts creates a sense of comfort across the page.

26. Nisarg

Nisarg is yet another free Gutenberg theme worth mentioning. A premium version with many more options is also available. This is a simple blog theme that has been designed to be extremely comfortable and simple to read. The main image accounts for much of the initial impression, but you can change it in seconds to suit your preferences.

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The rest of the theme is simple, with a traditional blog layout featuring a grey background and white content blocks. While it is not as feature-rich as some of the other Gutenberg themes on this list, it is an excellent blog theme worth exploring.

Nisarg’s advantages:

  • Blog layouts that are simple but effective
  • The free version is fantastic.
  • More options are available in the premium version.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.

Nisarg’s disadvantages:

It is not as adaptable as some of the other Gutenberg themes.

Pricing for Nisarg:

Nisarg has a free version and a premium version that costs $35.

Nisarg’s point of view:

Nisarg is a very capable blog theme that looks modern while maintaining a relaxed appearance. We believe it is an excellent alternative to more complex designs.

27. OnePress

OnePress is a free Gutenberg theme with a premium version that includes a plethora of additional features. Both designs are responsive, fast to load, and provide a crisp, clean experience.

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OnePress has a nice flow with different white and grey backgrounds that work really well. In the demo, a blue contrast color works well and can be easily customized. Graphics and animations add interest, while the optional parallax element adds personality.

OnePress’s advantages:

  • With a little effort, the free version is actually usable.
  • Premium includes a slew of new features.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.
  • A modern, clean design that could work anywhere

OnePress’s disadvantages:

There are none worth mentioning.

Pricing for OnePress:

OnePress offers a free version as well as a premium version for $99 per year.

OnePress’s viewpoint:

We recommend OnePress regardless of whether you use the free or premium version.

28. Magazine Pro

StudioPress’ Magazine Pro is a monochrome design with a slight color pop from the green color in the demo. Pages load quickly, the magazine layout works well on a variety of screen sizes, and the overall impression is of a well-designed template.

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Magazine Pro is built on the Genesis Framework, which allows for a great deal of flexibility when creating a website. It’s quick, powerful, and an excellent choice if you don’t mind a slight learning curve.

If you’re looking for a magazine WordPress theme, this is it.

Advantages of Magazine Pro:

  • Magazine design that is clean and crisp
  • The contrast color makes a subtle color pop.
  • This enables the content to sing.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.

Magazine Pro’s disadvantages:

Strong images will be required to stand out.

The Genesis Framework has a slight learning curve.

Pricing for Magazine Pro:

Magazine Pro is $99.95 when purchased with Genesis.

Magazine Pro’s Opinion:

We like Magazine Pro because of its ease of use and willingness to let your content shine. It will necessitate strong imagery, but that is a requirement of any good website.

29. Decorist

Decorist is a minimalist WordPress theme that works with both Gutenberg and WooCommerce. The demo was created with DIY or home décor in mind, but it could be tailored to a variety of niches.

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The design is simple and easy to follow. White space and strong image blocks work well, while the red contrast color and modern fonts work well together to create a very modern look. While Gutenberg is supported, you can also use Elementor if you prefer.

Decorist’s Advantages:

  • Modern design ideal for home improvement or DIY
  • Excellent design with strong content elements.
  • The contrast color works extremely well.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.
  • All store elements are included.

Decorist’s disadvantages:

The theme is difficult to criticize.

Pricing for Decorist:

Decorist costs $35 for a single theme or $48 for access to additional themes.

Decorist’s Opinion:

Decorist is one of the best WordPress Gutenberg themes in our opinion. It makes an excellent first impression by utilizing excellent design, strong fonts and colors, and a modern aesthetic.

30. Coursemaker Pro

Coursemaker Pro features a stylish greyscale design with a Scandi flair. While the theme is ostensibly designed for online courses, the demo page elements don’t really support that. There is a course page, but it is not the best. We included it because the design would be suitable for a standard website.

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Greyscale is a stylish look. The shading in the images contrasts well with the stark white fonts and subtle contrast colors in this iteration. The theme has been carefully considered.

Advantages of Coursemaker Pro:

  • Beautiful greyscale design with attractive page elements
  • Fonts in stark white perform admirably.
  • The frameless design is completely modern.
  • WordPress Gutenberg editor is fully compatible.

Coursemaker Pro’s disadvantages:

We wouldn’t say the demo is appropriate for its stated market.


Pricing for Coursemaker Pro:

Coursemaker Pro is priced at $74.

Coursemaker Pro’s Opinion:

We may appear to dislike Coursemaker Pro, but we do. We really like it. The design is excellent, and the greyscale theme works exceptionally well, albeit perhaps not for the niche intended.

Installing a WordPress Theme That Supports Gutenberg

Installing a Gutenberg-friendly WordPress theme is simple. We’ll use Astra as an example, but the process should be very similar regardless of theme.

  1. Get the theme from the developer and download it.
  2. Decompress the folder on your computer until the ‘’ file appears.
  3. Access WordPress.
  4. Select Appearance from the WordPress dashboard’s left menu.
  5. Choose Themes and then click the Add New button.
  6. At the top of the page, click the Upload Theme button.
  7. Choose File and browse to the ‘’ file.
  8. Once uploaded, select Install Now and Activate.

Your theme should now be visible in the WordPress themes menu, as well as possibly as a side menu entry on the left.

Building Your Site with Demo Data

Now that you’ve completed the basic theme, you can use demo data to replicate the website you saw earlier. In our example, we’ll use a free Astra demo site.

  1. Select Appearance from the WordPress dashboard’s left menu.
  2. From the main window, select Starter Templates and then the demo site you want to import.
  3. To ensure that you are viewing the correct demo, click the Preview Site button.
  4. On the right, click the blue Import Complete Site button.
  5. Select Import from the popup box after selecting your import options.

The demo site import takes a few minutes, but once completed, you should see the demo’s pages and posts in your WordPress dashboard. You can now customize your site however you want!

Summary: WordPress Themes Compatible with Gutenberg

While we recognize that the WordPress Gutenberg editor has not been universally embraced, we believe it is the best thing that has happened to WordPress in years. Building and customizing pages is now easier than ever, which can only be a good thing.

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Speaking of good things, this collection of the best Gutenberg themes leverages the power of Gutenberg and modern design to deliver a variety of high-performing websites for every conceivable application.

Which Theme Should You Go With?

Which of these themes should you pick? The short answer is that you should choose a theme that best represents your tastes or the brand in question. There are, however, a few standout Gutenberg themes to choose from.

Astra provides the most tools and page features for the most affordable price. Even the free Astra templates appear to be professional enough to be used. When you upgrade to premium, you unlock the full power of their design team!

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Foodica is also worth mentioning. While it caters to a much narrower audience, it employs current design trends to create an achingly good food blog template.

CosmosWP for its flexibility and Music for its industry-specific features are two other Gutenberg themes worth considering.

To be honest, you won’t be disappointed if you choose any of the many Gutenberg themes on this list!

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